About Us

We are how located at 2690 Ouellette Avenue across from Teppermans. We have been in business since 1994. Our current location is centrally located and we look forward to serving your hydroponic needs in the future.

Northern Lights Hydroponics is the oldest retail hydroponics store in Windsor. Other stores may have hydroponics equipment or nutrients, but they don't specialize in it like we do.

If you have a problem with a fixture, we (meaning Frank) will repair it, or tell you what's wrong with it, usually while you wait. Frank will also build custom timers if you need them. Contact Frank for all your tech questions.

If you want a product, but don't see it in the product guide, contact Melanie. I am willing to bring products in for you. All that I ask for is a deposit usually, but for perishables (predator bugs), or expensive items I may ask for payment in full. The reason behind this is simple, for bugs, I want you to pick up the item while its fresh, and the other, I just want to be sure you return to pick it up. I will give an expected time for delivery, and suggest that you call before coming in on that day just to be sure it did arrive. The other option is that I contact you when it comes in. I usually work with you to make this as painless as possible for both of us. There are times when I will not be able to special order items in, usually it's because I can't get small quantities of the item (only available in cases), or it is just not available from the manufacturer yet, or in Canada (due to regulations set up by Ag-Canada).

For more information about: Products, Services, Location, Hours or General Questions you can visit our faq's page or our support page for more details and contact information.

Featured Products

Doktor Doom
Various organic and natural insect control products, safe to use on most plants (always check label before use), doesn't have a strong odor and some have residual effect lasting upto 60 days, others break down in a few hours allowing for a faster re-entry into sprayed/fogged areas. Read More
Dutch Nutrient Formula
Plant nutrition developed in Holland, has been in existence for over 20 years. Dutch Nutrient Formula has everything required for optimum growth for vegetative and flowering stages. Through research and testing, the Dutch Nutrient Formula has been perfected! Read More
Advanced Nutrients
Products designed specifically for the plants you grow to give you rapid growth, heathier plants, and heavier harvests. Read More
What started as an experimental plant nutrient, brewed in the back room of an Arizona retail gardening store, has evolved into Botanicare, a global market leader in hydrogardening products.  We are continually creating new solutions, combining science and nature to encourage self-sufficiency.  Our premium nutrients, supplements and systems allow you to grow anywhere - indoors or out, from Chandler to Quebec, the Golden State to the Great Lakes. Read More
Grotek Science for Plants
Is produced by Greenstar Plant Products Inc. based in Langley British Columbia and Canadian owned 100%.  They're the only North American fertilizer manufacturer to be ISO certified.  This translates into quality assurance in the products purchased.  They are an international producer of premium hydroponics and traditional horticultural products and solutions for global, domestic and commercial use. Read More
General Hydroponics
Founded by Lawrence Brooke, General Hydroponics pioneered the development of the first high quality nutrients and growing systems that are now available around the world.  Based in Sebastopol, California, General hydroponics is constantly researching, developing and testing their products to ensure that it meets or exceeds customer expectations.  Recognized worldwide as a leader in the hydroponic industry. Read More
The B'cuzz products are especially developed for growers who look for maximum results from their plants in terms of yield and quality, a product line that is characterised by sheer fine-tuning. Since 1997, Atami has developed into a leading research company in the area of biological technical engineering. Read More
Dutch experts and internationally recognised world wide leader in intelligent plant technologies for cultivating your favourite plants in cocoponics, hydroponics and soil. CANNA was awarded first prize for its revolutionary plant products at a prestigious annual expo in Holland for hydroponic and soil growers. Read More
Safers offers natural and organic pest control solutions for ants, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, moths, wasps, hornets, roaches, spiders, aphids, beetles, grasshopers, mealy bugs, slugs & snails, whiteflies, worms and caterpillars, snakes, critters and moss & fungus. Our line of organic and natural products have many applications including lawn & garden care, fruit & vegetable garden care, flower garden care and houseplant care. Read More